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Distance education has become a popular alternative for individuals seeking higher education, especially in the current scenario of a global pandemic. With the advent of technology, distance education has become even more accessible and convenient. LPU Distance Education in Ludhiana is one such institute that offers a wide range of courses to individuals who cannot pursue full-time education.

Here are the advantages, features, course offerings, eligibility criteria, and admission process for LPU Distance Education in Ludhiana. Whether you’re looking to continue your education while balancing work and family commitments or simply seeking greater flexibility in your studies, LPU Distance Education in Ludhiana is an excellent choice to consider.

Advantages of LPU Distance Education

Here are the key advantages of LPU Distance Education in Ludhiana that make it an attractive option for individuals seeking distance education. 

Personal Contact Programme

Regular interaction with faculty through Personal Contact Programmes (PCP) enables students to clear their doubts and stay on track with their studies.

Placement Support

LPU Distance Education provides placement support to its students through its wide network of corporate connections.

Availability of Online Portal

The online portal provides students with access to their course materials, assignments, and other resources at any time and from anywhere.

Availability of Online Study Material

All study materials are available online, making it easy for students to access them whenever needed.

Workshops and Seminars

Workshops and seminars are conducted regularly to enhance the student's learning experience and keep them updated with the latest industry trends.

Student Induction Program

An induction program is conducted to orient students to the distance education program and help them familiarize themselves with the online learning platform.

Affordable Fee Structure

The fee structure for LPU Distance Education is highly affordable and designed to make higher education accessible to a larger audience.

Opportunity to Visit Campus

Students have the opportunity to visit the campus for various events and activities, providing them with a sense of community and connection to the university.

Participation in University Events

Distance education students are also eligible to participate in various university events, such as sports competitions, cultural programs, and workshops.

Recognitions & Rankings

University Grants Commission (UGC- DEB)

LPU is recognized by the University Grants Commission – Distance Education Bureau.

All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)

The Technical Education/ Professional Programmes (MBA & MCA) are duly approved by the AICTE

National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF 2021)

LPU is ranked 62nd amongst Top Universities and Colleges in National Institutional Ranking Framework 2021.

World Education Services (WES)

LPU Distance Education Degree is approved by World Education Services (WES) for recognised study in Canada & USA.

LPU DIStance education

Features to check for Distance Education


Check if the program offered by the institution is accredited by a recognized national accreditation body.


Evaluate the qualifications and experience of the faculty delivering the programs.

Course Curriculum:

Review the course content and ensure it covers the topics relevant to your career goals.

Student Support:

Consider the level of support and resources provided by the institute for distance education students, such as online resources, personal contact programs, and tutoring services.

Career Prospects:

Research the job opportunities and career prospects for students after completing the Distance Education program.

LPU Distance Education Courses Streams

Graduation Courses

Course Name Min Duration Fee (Per Semester)
B.Com 3 Years ₹ 9,500
B.A 3 Years ₹ 6,000
BBA 3 Years ₹ 12,500
BSc. IT 3 Years ₹ 12,500
BCA 3 Years ₹ 12,500
DCA 1 Year ₹ 12,500
DLIS 1 Year ₹ 6,000
BLIS 1 Year ₹ 6,000

One time Application Charges: ₹ 500 (During Admission Time Only)

Post Graduation Courses

Course Name Min Duration Fee (Per Semester)
M.Com 2 Years ₹ 9,500
M.A 2 Years ₹ 6,000
MBA 2 Years ₹ 13,500
MSc.IT 2 Years ₹ 13,500
MCA 2 Years ₹ 13,500
MLIS 1 Year ₹ 12,500

One time Application Charges: ₹ 500 (During Admission Time Only)

Why Choose LPU Distance Education?

LPU Distance Education endows unmatched flexibility to its students by virtue of which even working professionals, entrepreneurs, or housewives can look forward to pursuing higher education and upgrading their knowledge and skill set while continuing to do whatever they are doing.

Affordable Fee Structure
Placement Support
Various Workshops and Seminars
24X7 e-Connect

Frequently Asked Questions ?

1. What are the benefits of Distance Education?
Ans. Distance Education makes long-term education possible. Along with continued access to academic opportunities; it offers convenient learning, flexibility and affordability with time saving. Benefits of Distance Education are :
  • Suitable for anyone and everyone
  • Self-paced learning
  • Flexible scheduling opportunities
  • No constraint of time and place
  • Multi-tasking opportunity
  • Better Career opportunities
  • Development of technical skills
2. Is University recognized by UGC?

Ans. University is recognized by University Grants Commission, a regulatory body of the Government of India; established for the coordination, determination and maintenance of standards of university education in India. LPU is included in the list of universities maintained by University Grants Commission under Section – 2(f) of the UGC Act, 1956.

3. Is L.P.U. a member of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU)?

Ans. Yes, L.P.U. is a member of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU).

4. Is University recognized for offering Distance Education Courses?

Ans. University is recognized by the University Grants Commission- Distance Education Bureau (A statutory body of the Government of India, established for Open and Distance Learning System) vide F.No. 9-1/2016 (DEB-I)/382 to offer Distance Education Courses in the state of Punjab.

5. Who can take admission in L.P.U. Distance Education?

Ans. Anyone i.e. Students(undergraduate or postgraduate), Professionals, Businessman, Wife & Mother or any other individual who wishes to pursue higher education while still continuing with what she/ he is doing.

6. Is LPU recognized for offering Distance Education Programmes?

LPU has been recognized by the UGC-DEB. It is a government regulatory body established to oversee the Open and Distance Learning System. The recognition was granted in 2007 for the first time to allow LPU to offer Distance Education Programs in the state of Punjab.

7. Is LPU Distance Education valid for govt jobs?

Yes, LPU Distance Education degrees are valid for government jobs. LPU Distance Education degrees have UGC-DEB recognition and the university is UGC accredited. It means all the certificates are at par with other recognized distance universities like IGNOU, and Amity.

Distance education courses are treated on par with regular courses while applying for Govt. jobs. In some cases, they are weighted more as students have work experience along with a degree.

8. Is LPU good for a distance MBA?

LPU Distance Education has a reputation for offering quality education, including its MBA program. The distance education offered by LPU meets your individual needs and goals, and it can be a good choice for a distance MBA.

9. Does distance degree have value?

Distance degrees can have value and are recognized by employers and educational institutions. However, what makes distance degree valuable are the following things,

  • Accreditation- Degree programs from accredited institutions are generally considered to have more value
  • The reputation of the Institution- Institutes with a strong reputation in the education and industry circles are more likely to offer degrees with greater value.
  • Relevance to the Industry and- The relevance of the degree program to the industry and the demand for the skills it provides the value to a distance degree.
  • Student Performance- The student's performance in the program and his/her ability to demonstrate the knowledge and skills acquired through the program.
10. Is an LPU degree valid in the USA?

Any LPU degree should be accepted in the USA because it has been offered by a recognized university in India. However, it is important to check with the specific organization or agency to confirm that they accept degrees from LPU Distance Education for their particular job or recruitment process.

11. Do we get placement in distance MBA?

Yes, students, who complete an MBA program through distance education from LPU get placement support and get placed in jobs. 

LPU’s distance MBA program has a strong placement cell that provides support to students in securing jobs. Apart from helping secure jobs LPU’s placement cell also helps build CVs, prepare for interviews, and gives soft skill training if required.



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